Thank you very much for coming to the live of THE TOMBOYS today.




Email address(メールアドレス)
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Which live did you see?(どのライブを見ましたか?)

Q1.How many times have you seen live of THE TOMBOYS?
 (どのくらいTHE TOMBOYSのライブに来られていますか?)

Q2.How did you find out about THE TOMBOYS?
 (THE TOMBOYSを知ったきっかけはなんですか?)

Q3.What do you like about THE TOMBOYS?
 (THE TOMBOYSのどんなところが好きですか?)

Q4.What kind of activity of THE TOMBOYS will you expect from now on?
 (THE TOMBOYSの今後の活動にどんなことを期待しますか?)

Q5.Are you male or female?(性別)

Message to THE TOMBOYS
(ぜひTHE TOMBOYSにメッセージをお願いします!)